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Promote  YOUR  business on our website using Banner Ads!Your potential clients are visiting our site right now. With a well-placed and well-designedbanner, you can quickly grab their interest and redirect them to your website!


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What  is a Banner Ad?


Web banners function the sameway as traditional print media advertisements were intended but are MUCH moreeffective in the digital age! They can be used to notify your customers of theproducts or services you offer. Well designed ads will “hook” your customerusing cleverly designed catch phrases or images. If someone clicks on thebanner they will be directed to your website or URL you have linked to thebanner. The traffic to your website is recorded and we will give you a reporton the effectiveness of your campaign!


Enquire about a Banner Ad now!


How  do I get a Banner Ad?


All you have to do is clickhere or send an email to info@getplant.co.za.We will then send you all the information needed to get started. 

We can also help you with the  design of your banner if you do not have someone to do it for you.


Who  should have a Banner Ad?


Any company that has clients  in the construction, mining, agriculture or logistics industries will benefit  from advertising their products and services on our site. Whether you are adealer, you service plant and equipment, provide insurance or financial  services, supply materials or ancillary products and services to these industries,your business can benefit from the targeted audience we attract at GetPlant.

Inquire about a Banner Ad now!